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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (May 19, 2005), a site for models and video producers to meet, today announced that it has changed its pricing plans. Co-owner Allen McNulty stated, “Our pricing plans were all over the board with no rhyme or reason, so we decided to simplify things for everyone by letting the customer choose between a recurring monthly charge of $9.99 or an annual charge of $99.99.” The annual subscription allows the producer to feature his or her company and ads.

“We’re very proud of how successful has been”, McNulty adds. “Each time we get an email from a producer that he’s had great luck finding models from our site, we know we made the right decision when we created it for everyone. Our next step is to offer an affiliate program to webmasters, as well as offering a line of code for webmasters to place on their sites that will rotate a model-of-the-day and/or the newest models who post their pics and resume.”

At the time of this press release there are approximately 6700 models and 2800 producers on the site and about several dozen new models joining every day.

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