New Blog Script (And we lost some posts)

I got rid of the old blog script and got this nifty new one. I hope you guys like.

Unfortunately, we lost some of the old posts…but not because of the new script but because of the 2257 drama that’s ensued. I had some straight producer interviews, but they are no longer with the family (we hope they come back soon!) Therefore, I removed their interviews as they didn’t really make sense unless you could go and see their video pics and descriptions (and nowhere to link them to).

Along with the forty billion other things on my plate, I promise to get some juicy insider interviews for you as soon as humanly possible!

The priority items on my list right now are: New shopping cart system (almost done and it’s hella cool!), Streaming-Download site (our own, not a 3rd party), selling pics and clips as content to adult webmasters, and an adult blog-hosting site (first for our producers and then to the general public).

I’m also adding a “Personal” category to these blog posts. I’ve got the “General” but am not sure if that needs to exist or not.

Share Button Adds Twenty New Producers To Site

Amateur XXX Videos

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (August 3, 2005) – an amateur video production and distribution company, today announced that twenty new producers have been added to its site. Amagay, Campus Boys Videos, Factory Video Productions, Hung Punk Videos, IronVideo Productions, Jake’s Casting Couch, M&L Friends, SpunkPunk, StriderGuys, and Tiki Boiz are the ten new gay producers. Blue Skies, Bubble Gum Amateurs, Flarez Productions, Joy Productions, Lakeview Entertainment, LSB Productions, NoisProductions, RAJ Entertainment, Sub Radar Productions, and SugarHill Productions are the ten new straight producers. These twenty new producers bring’s producer/label total to 91 gay producers and 46 straight producers. Combined, these producers offer’s customers more than 1000 films with an extaordinary variety of homemade videos from which to choose.

“Back in the day, I hated the pro videos that were out there,” says’s co-owner Allen McNulty, “but that was all there was.” “Then one day a friend showed me a home video he made with his friend and I remember never feeling that horny before from a porn video. I wondered if there were others out there who would also like the truly homemade-amateur look and feel to a video, so I started making them. And the rest is history…” he adds. is owned and operated by the good folks at On The Edge of Cyberspace, Inc. For more information, we hope you visit

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Senators Seek Porn Tax

And heading it up is…yes…wait for it..a Democrat. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, an Arkansas Democrat, claims this porn tax will make the internet a “safer place for children” and the bill would impose a 25 percent tax on the revenue of most adult-themed Web sites. But…..will we be passing that bill onto you, the consumer?

As an adult company owner, my first thought and hope is that this is the first time the adult entertainment industry has been “legitimized” and as long as the government is making more money from us then maybe they’ll stop riding our collective asses (hey…new video idea right there and you were here when it happened 🙂

But seriously folks….how in fuck’s sake can they say that we’re evil, obscene, smelly, God-less, and should be removed from the planet but then impose a tax on us. Doesn’t make sense. Christ..I just had a horrible thought. What if they make us state-controlled like liquor. They determine our selling hours, our prices, they run the stores, and no porn on Sundays! teehee.

It’s not just the government who take advantage of adult companies though. Yahoo (and others) do the same. Did you know that if you run a non-adult website and want a listing in Yahoo’s Directory that it costs you $299.00 for them to bump you to the top of the list (but doesn’t guarantee inclusion)? Then it’s $299.00 a year “renewal fee”. If you’re an adult website, it’s $699.00 for the bump and then $699.00 every year after. I assume they must have their reasons, but I have no clue what they are (nor does anybody I’ve ever met). Of course after bitching about it, we paid them the money for our listing 🙂

Like everything else the government fucks with me about, I’ll be keeping my eye on this one too.

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