Inside Deep Throat

I watched the documentary “Inside Deep Throat” last night and am recommending it to our readers. For those of you too young to remember this blockbuster, the film “Deep Throat” was about a woman named Linda LoveLace who had a dilemma to solve….her clitoris was in her throat.

Inside Deep Throat” documents the emergence of porn into mainstream society. When the video, “Deep Throat”, the first “big picture” porn video launched at a movie theatre open to the general public, it (and porn) became the primary focus of government and churche’s crusade to shut it all down and arrest everyone. Porn was being grouped with communism in special reports, while celebrities like Jack Nicholson (and every big name in society) lined up for miles to see the film.

There are amazing similarities of the government and religious right’s pursuit to shut down porn yesteryear and their continued attempts today. One FBI agent who was interviewed laughingly said, when asked about today’s focus on pornography by the FBI, “I guess this means we won the war on terror”.

I watched the NC17-rated video on DVD, so I don’t know how it compares to the R-rated version. My version had tons of special features that were definitely worth the watch (and were sometimes better than what they chose to include in the actual film).

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Lower Prices At

We decided to take drastic action at and lower prices for all of our videos. Many of our videos are now at $14.95 and we no longer allow any of our amateur producers to price their videos above $29.95.

Our goal here was to compete with the continued increase of pay-per-view and digital downloads. Plus, we figured we should keep as an “amateur videos at amateur prices” type of site. We also wanted to fuck our competition and let our customers and producers reap the rewards 🙂

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