Free Adult Blogs Are Coming Soon!

We hate being censored, so we developed a free adult blog site for everyone. It’s ad-based (isn’t everything?), so we can offer it for free to all adults. Stay tuned….it’s coming soon!

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Reward Points For Porn??

It’s always been my reasoning that a porn business should be run like any other, with regards to ethics, quality control, excellent customer service, etc. One thing in the “non-porn” shopping world that I love is loyalty/rewards points that I get for my purchases. Done correctly, it can buy me something pretty as a result from crap I would’ve bought anyway.

That said…we’ve decided to start offering Loyalty/Rewards Points for all purchases at Right now they are included as cards inside your purchase, but we’re working diligently to make it electronic so our customers don’t have to keep up with a bunch of cards (or keep them hidden from prying eyes 🙂

Once we make the points system all site-based, we’ll also be able to add points on birthdays, holidays, if we fuck up (at our discretion of course), or just because. The customers will be able to monitor their points much better and so will we.

We’re working hard to make your porn shopping experience seem like just another day at the mall! 🙂

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