Adds Twenty-Eight New Producers To Site Amateur Video Logo Adds Twenty-Eight New Producers To Site

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON (June 18, 2006) –, an amateur video production and distribution company, today announced that twenty-eight new gay and straight producers have been added to its site.

CamsOnDemand, Big Red Curtain Productions, Commando Video, Don’t Bet Me, Fresh Boyz Productions, Hazloke Video, Hot UK Club, Jerk Studios, Pig Daddy Productions, and SSP Productions are the ten new gay producers.

The eighteen new straight producers are: Andrew Ward TV Productions, Atlanta Erotic Video, Butterwaters, Chelsea Videos, CyberDyke, Emerald City Studios, FC Productions, FLT Videos, J & S Videos, MarkCom Productions, Misty’s XXX Girls, Pinkybricks Productions, SexMeUp Videos, Synergy Films, Texxxas Entertainment, TnA Films, Toxxxic Video, and Vagabond Entertainment.

These twenty-eight producers bring to 106 gay producers and 61 straight producers. Combined, these producers offer’s customers more than 1450 films with an extraordinary variety of homemade videos from which to choose.

“The purpose of remains the same, says co-owner Allen McNulty. We offer amateur producers a distribution point for their unique videos, as well offering our customers an extremely large and diverse place to find homemade videos.” is owned and operated by the good folks at On The Edge of Cyberspace, Inc. For more information, we hope you visit

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Holographic Porn?

What’s going to replace online streaming and DVD? My theory, several years ago, was holo-technology. Why wait for your porn to arrive in the mail or to buffer, when your holo-thingy can just emit the porn right there in front of you in real life? Sound crazy? I think not. Look here and here to see what I mean.

Back in ’04, I bought a bunch of porn-related “holo” domain names. It was just a guess, but it looks like I’m on my way to being right 🙂

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