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Porn Company Raided By FBI

For the second reported time, another adult entertainment company was raided by the FBI within only two weeks time.

JJ Ruch, owner of Sebastian Sloane Productions, is a small company that produces amateur, gay videos. With only a handful of videos on the market, this producers is further proof that the FBI isn’t just going after large companies during their impromptu inspections to make sure that adult producers are complying with 2257 regulations (Federal record-keeping and labeling regulations, 18 U.S.C. §2257) and that they have no child porn.

Ruch stated “The government that we pay our damn tax dollars to is focusing on this stupid shit rather than focusing on animal abusers, men who beat their families and wives, murderers, frauds, and all other actual criminal activities.”

JJ emailed us while the FBI was still there going through his things. He emailed us again after the inspection was completed and we advised him to contact AVN to get the word out to a mass audience of people in the industry. That article is here.

After 5 hours of the FBI going through his office, computer, and home, they left. JJ added, “When they left they shook my hand, thanked me for my time, and thanked me for not supporting child pornography.”

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Porn Version of YouTube

porn videos

I ran across an interesting site that is the porn version of youtube, but with a twist. Instead of simply copying youtube, they’ve added substantially more features and opportunities for adult webmasters and video producers.

I’ve been testing out as both a producer and normal user and am overall impressed, but they do have some major issues to resolve. One is slow servers (always an issue with high-bandwidth traffic like videos) and the other is their flash conversion software sync (you upload your video and they convert it to Flash Video, but the sound doesn’t always sync with the video). I assume that these are simply growing pains.

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Porn Company Commercial

Just something I threw together from my guy model clips I had lying around.

Click here to view the porn commercial.

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New Video Releases At – 7/21/06

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Michael Jackson Pays Gay Porn Director

I usually ignore any type of celebrity news (I just don’t give a fuck about any of them, what they think, do, believe, buy, etc.), but this one caught my eye because of the porn reference.

Article is here.

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Petty Fuckers

According to Reuters, “Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the blue chip investment bank, wants a Netherlands man to change the name of a sex-themed Web site called Goldman Sachs last week submitted a complaint to the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) arguing the Internet domain name would cause confusion and contained links to objectionable “adult” material.”

This is the dumbest dispute I’ve heard to date. There is no fucking way anyone would ever confuse the two. Ever. Seriously. Never.

I hope makes a fortune off of the free publicity! (And wins the dispute, too)

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Huge Condoms (Or “My Ship Has Come In”)

I thought this was a joke at first, but they’re selling them on (owned by “Huge” condoms is the name and no more ambiguity is their game. No more hints, eluding to, skirting the issue. After all, why wouldn’t anyone want to know that’s their condom!?!

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Are You A Horny, Smoking, Fat Ass?

I am sometimes, but thanks to CNN and the American Council on Exercise…. I’m going to fix it! Click Here to see what I’m talking about.

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