Larry Flynt’s My Hero

larry flynt

Pictured here is my copy of “Sex, Lies, & Politics – The Naked Truth“, written by Larry Flynt. I bought it directly from him and had him sign it, while he was here giving a speech about his book, new porn laws, and fielded numerous questions (he’s a very smart, funny and clever guy, for those who’ve never heard him speak publicly).

I say he’s my “hero” because of his long and painful battle in life and the courts to ensure that our Freedom of Speech was not taken away. If you’re not familiar with his story, you absolutely must watch the DVD, “The People vs. Larry Flynt“. If it wasn’t for him, porn would not be accessible like it is today.

In addition to everything else, his website is a great read as well.

When I approached him to sign the book, I felt very odd. I mean…here was this powerful person with an unprecedented history in the industry sitting within arm’s reach, and all I could do was hand him my book to sign and then fumble out something stupid like “Thanks for everything, man.” As the owner of an adult entertainment company, you’d think I’d be pretty numb to something that most would consider insipid (I certainly wouldn’t be in awe of any porn star), but with some similarities between us it must have hit home a bit.

By similarities, I mean that we both grew up in the harshest of the white trash South, came from nothing, found our calling in porn, and became successful (me only a little compared to him, of course). Regardless…I shook his hand, thanked him, and moved out of the way for the long line of people behind me to swarm in on him. Regardless of my groupie-like behavior, I’m happy I did it and hope that one day I get a set of balls as big as his.
larry flynt signed

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Blow-Up Doll Rafting in Russia

blow-up sex dollIf you find yourself in Russia and looking for adventure, then you should try whitewater rafting with your favorite inflatable sex doll.

This annual event, called the “Bubble Baba Challenge, takes place near St. Petersburg, Russia. They have a website with pics and a link to translate (very roughly) into English.

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Porn Star Parade?

nude porn star pornstarAUCKLAND, New Zealand (AP) – Two dozen bare-breasted porn stars paraded on motorcycles and military vehicles down the main street of New Zealand’s biggest city on Wednesday after beating efforts by Auckland officials to prevent the promotional stunt.

Thousands of people, many of them clicking away with cell phone cameras, lined the street for the parade by male and female porn actors, most semi-clad in black leather, to publicize an erotica show which opens in Auckland later this week.

The crowd – four deep in some places – was reportedly bigger than that for the city’s annual Santa Parade at Christmas time.

Organizer Steve Crow, a local multimillionaire porn movie distributor and producer, earlier had won approval for the parade from the city council, infuriating it’s conservative mayor and several councilors.

Mayor Dick Hubbard said he would review local bylaws in a bid to prevent any more topless parades in Auckland.

“We do want a vibrant city (but) I think the parade does our image harm rather than good,” Hubbard said.

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Penis Pump Drama At Airport

CHICAGO (AP) – A Cook County judge has decided there is enough evidence to prosecute a man who says an airport security guard misheard him when she thought he said that a sexual device in his backpack was actually a bomb.

Mardin Amin claims he actually told the guard the small, black object was a “pump” – as in a penis pump.

Amin’s attorney said her client was embarrassed to explain the object in front of his mother, who was traveling with him, so he whispered. The guard misunderstood, and thought he said “bomb,” according to defense attorney Eileen O’Neill-Burke.

“His mother is standing there so, under his breath, he says, ‘It’s a pump. Put it away. Put it away,'” O’Neill-Burke told The Associated Press on Thursday. The guard asked him again and he repeated that the object was a pump, the attorney said.

O’Neill-Burke added that Amin, an Iraqi, has a thick accent and she herself had trouble understanding him until he brought the pump to her office and showed it to her. She said she recently learned that Arabic speakers sometimes have trouble distinguishing the sounds “p” and “b.”

However, Judge Gerald Winiecki decided there was sufficient evidence for the case to move forward after the female security guard testified that she heard Amin “clearly” say the word bomb on Aug. 16 at O’Hare International Airport.

Amin, 29, of Skokie, is charged with felony disorderly conduct and faces up to three years in prison if convicted. He was released on $75,000 bond and is due back in court Sept. 13. O’Neill-Burke said he will plead not guilty then.

Amin told the Chicago Sun-Times after the hearing that security officials did not give him a chance to explain the misunderstanding, that he would never use the word “bomb” while going through a security checkpoint, and does not consider a penis pump an unusual object to own.

“It’s normal,” he said. “Half of America they use it.”

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Porn Shown By Mistake

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) – Sweden’s state broadcaster SVT on Monday faced ridicule for mistakenly showing a porn movie in the background of a news broadcast over the weekend.

Viewers of a 5-minute news update at midnight Saturday could see explicit scenes from a Czech porn movie on a TV screen behind news anchor Peter Dahlgren.

The monitor – one of many on the wall of a control room visible behind the studio – normally shows other news channels during broadcasts. But staffers who earlier in the evening had watched a sports event on cable channel Canal Plus – which often shows X-rated films after midnight – had forgotten to switch it back, said news director Per Yng.

“This is highly embarrassing and unfortunate,” Yng said. “It must not happen again.”

A producer quickly spotted the sex scenes and ran into the control room and turned off the monitor, Yng said.

He said there had been no complaints from viewers about the mishap, but “enormous interest from media.”

Swedish tabloids on Monday poked fun at the steamy broadcast, jokingly changing the name of the show – Rapport – to “Rapporn.”

Magnus Akerlund, who oversees the hourly news updates, told tabloid Expressen he was “shocked and dismayed” at the mistake.

“It’s a huge blunder by us,” he said.

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Man With Two Penises Unhappy?

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – An Indian businessman born with two penises wants one of them removed surgically as he wants to marry and lead a normal sexual life, a newspaper report said Saturday.

The 24-year-old man from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh admitted himself to a New Delhi hospital this week with an extremely rare medical condition called penile duplication or diphallus, the Times of India said.

“Two fully functional penes is unheard of even in medical literature. In the more common form of diphallus, one organ is rudimentary,” the newspaper quoted a surgeon as saying.

The surgery was expected to be challenging as both organs were well-formed and full blood supply to the retained penis had to be ensured to allow it to function normally, he added.

The newspaper did not disclose the identity of the man or the hospital to protect the patient’s privacy.

There are about 100 such reported cases of diphallus around the world and it is known to occur among one in 5.5 million men, the newspaper said.

It is caused by the failure of the mesodermal bands in the embryo to fuse properly. The mesodermal bands are one of three primary layers of the embryo from which several body parts are formed.

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Ya Gotta Know When To Hold ‘Em…

LONDON (Reuters) – Up to 200 strip poker players will compete Saturday to see who will lose their shirts — and more — and who will scoop 10,000 pounds by retaining their clothes and modesty.

Organized by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, the inaugural World Strip Poker Championship takes place at the prestigious Cafe Royal in central London with players battling it out in games of “No Limit Texas Hold ’em.”

“We are holding the competition because we got so much interest from our spoof April Fool this year about a strip poker competition that we thought, ‘why not? let’s do it for real,” Paddy Power’s Darren Haines told Reuters Friday.

He said players of both sexes from over 12 countries would battle it out for the “Gold Fig Leaf” trophy and the right to revel in the title of World Strip Poker Champion.

Aside from strict rules governing the poker play, Paddy Power has laid down clear guidelines on the stripping element — most importantly that each player starts the match by wearing five items of clothing supplied by the organizers.

Each contestant will be given a towel to sit on and to cover themselves when naked, but only after they have stripped completely.

“Inappropriate behavior,” will not be tolerated, said Paddy Power.

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Eavesdropping Found Unconstitutional

A federal judge today ruled that the U.S. government’s domestic eavesdropping program is unconstitutional and ordered it ended immediately.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said the Bush Administration disagrees with the ruling and has appealed.

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FBI Visits Fourth Porn Company

Now the fourth company to report a visit from the Feds, California’s “Sunshine Films” received a 2257 records inspection this morning.  It was reported to finish without incident.

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Free Video For Our Readers!

In celebration of our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY (woohoo!), we’re offering all of our blog readers a free porn video download! Yes, it’s free. What’s the catch? Our hope is that you enjoy your experience and go back and buy something (just being honest 🙂

Rules are: One per customer. Not valid for cash, trade, or refunds. Void where prohibited. Adults 18+ only. Not responsible or liable for use of this third-party site. Please read their terms/restrictions as well. Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. Play nice. Caveat Emptor.

For your free straight video, CLICK HERE.

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Looking For A Job In Porn?

xxx porn job in adult sex
We hear constantly from amateur models and producer who either want to get into the adult entertainment industry (or need models), but aren’t sure about what venues are out there for them. This is where comes in… helping both models and producers find each other. It’s free for models to place an ad and just a small fee for producers.
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Ipod Vibrator?

ipod sex vibratorI guess it was just a matter of time. Yes, The “OhMiBod” vibrator connects to your Ipod and vibrates to the music of your favorite song. Their catch-phrase cracks me up, “A whole new way to Plug n’ Play”.
They also have an online community called “Club Vibe” where users can trade tips, suggest songs, etc.
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