Groovy Lube Dispenser

water cooler lube dispenser

I thought this looked unique, so thought I’d share it with you.  I can’t verify how well it works but it’s certainly funny 🙂  It’s a water-based lube at Extreme Restraints and, according to their site “You will receive the dispenser and a 21oz bottle of water-based lubricant. The stand (without the bottle) measures 7.5″ in height and 3.75″ in width. With the bottle inserted it stands 1ft in height.”

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Not Sarah Palin Love Doll

sarah palin love doll [ Update: Unfortunately, it appears they’ve removed or sold out of this 🙁 but I’m keeping the post alive anyway.]I have a feeling that this Not Sarah Palin Love Doll is more topical than it is accurate, but since I didn’t buy one I can’t say for sure.  If you buy one, please leave us a comment and let us know how it went 🙂  My favorite part of their description is at the end where they say “She inflates easily with any standard air pump.”

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