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New Amateur Porn Releases Today! Straight & Gay

More new amateur straight and gay porn released today!

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Sex Story Contest (Ends 10/18/2013)

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Male Sex Toys Show Sales Increase – Coupon For Our Readers!

"On September 5th, X Biz Magazine, an industry resource for the adult industry, reported that sex toys targeting a male demographic had recently shown an 18 percent increase in sales."


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Hate Fred Phelps And The Westboro Baptist Church?


This is a must see!  An activist/parody/satire site against the Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church.  Some of these videos are fucking awesome!


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Amateur Gay Porn Video – Chip Matthews and Ian Alexander

Chip Matthews is justly famous for his monster cock, and every bottom in town wants to sit on it.  CLICK HERE for this amateur gay porn video.


amateur gay porn video

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A Private & Secure Search Engine Away From Big Brother’s Eyes?

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Bondage Videos

Bondage Videos

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Larry Flynt’s My Hero

larry flynt

Pictured here is my copy of “Sex, Lies, & Politics – The Naked Truth“, written by Larry Flynt. I bought it directly from him and had him sign it, while he was here giving a speech about his book, new porn laws, and fielded numerous questions (he’s a very smart, funny and clever guy, for those who’ve never heard him speak publicly).

I say he’s my “hero” because of his long and painful battle in life and the courts to ensure that our Freedom of Speech was not taken away. If you’re not familiar with his story, you absolutely must watch the DVD, “The People vs. Larry Flynt“. If it wasn’t for him, porn would not be accessible like it is today.

In addition to everything else, his website is a great read as well.

When I approached him to sign the book, I felt very odd. I mean…here was this powerful person with an unprecedented history in the industry sitting within arm’s reach, and all I could do was hand him my book to sign and then fumble out something stupid like “Thanks for everything, man.” As the owner of an adult entertainment company, you’d think I’d be pretty numb to something that most would consider insipid (I certainly wouldn’t be in awe of any porn star), but with some similarities between us it must have hit home a bit.

By similarities, I mean that we both grew up in the harshest of the white trash South, came from nothing, found our calling in porn, and became successful (me only a little compared to him, of course). Regardless…I shook his hand, thanked him, and moved out of the way for the long line of people behind me to swarm in on him. Regardless of my groupie-like behavior, I’m happy I did it and hope that one day I get a set of balls as big as his.
larry flynt signed

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Looking For A Job In Porn?

xxx porn job in adult sex
We hear constantly from amateur models and producer who either want to get into the adult entertainment industry (or need models), but aren’t sure about what venues are out there for them. This is where comes in… helping both models and producers find each other. It’s free for models to place an ad and just a small fee for producers.
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Ipod Vibrator?

ipod sex vibratorI guess it was just a matter of time. Yes, The “OhMiBod” vibrator connects to your Ipod and vibrates to the music of your favorite song. Their catch-phrase cracks me up, “A whole new way to Plug n’ Play”.
They also have an online community called “Club Vibe” where users can trade tips, suggest songs, etc.
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Porn Version of YouTube

porn videos

I ran across an interesting site that is the porn version of youtube, but with a twist. Instead of simply copying youtube, they’ve added substantially more features and opportunities for adult webmasters and video producers.

I’ve been testing out as both a producer and normal user and am overall impressed, but they do have some major issues to resolve. One is slow servers (always an issue with high-bandwidth traffic like videos) and the other is their flash conversion software sync (you upload your video and they convert it to Flash Video, but the sound doesn’t always sync with the video). I assume that these are simply growing pains.

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Huge Condoms (Or “My Ship Has Come In”)

I thought this was a joke at first, but they’re selling them on (owned by “Huge” condoms is the name and no more ambiguity is their game. No more hints, eluding to, skirting the issue. After all, why wouldn’t anyone want to know that’s their condom!?!

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Holographic Porn?

What’s going to replace online streaming and DVD? My theory, several years ago, was holo-technology. Why wait for your porn to arrive in the mail or to buffer, when your holo-thingy can just emit the porn right there in front of you in real life? Sound crazy? I think not. Look here and here to see what I mean.

Back in ’04, I bought a bunch of porn-related “holo” domain names. It was just a guess, but it looks like I’m on my way to being right :)

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