If You Type “Blowjob” Into Amazon’s Search, You Get This….

what comes up on amazon when you type in “blowjob” to search all departments? this 🙂

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Girls Who Always Squint Before A Facial. Why?

(found the pic on the web. if it’s yours, let me know and i’ll either link to you or remove it immediately.)

is it the anticipation that makes them squint before a cum facial? is it that they don’t like getting a facial? why do so many women (and some men) squint like it’s going to hit like a hammer or something horrible. it’s soft, gentle, cum. on your face. it’ll be ok, ladies 🙂

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Watching Others Have Sex

I prefer that they don’t know each other at all. I don’t like to watch couples, or those who’ve done scenes together before, have sex.

I also prefer not to know how much the guy comes. If he’s going to blast her in her face/mouth, and it ends up being a massive load, that increases my orgasm level to +69 🙂

What’s your opinion?

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Best Porn Site For 2018 Is….

GroovyMovies.com wins the best porn site for 2018!

Stream, Download, Pay-Per-View, and More!

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Funny “Pornhub” Meme

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NEW Straight European Streaming Porn!

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NEW Gay Streaming Porn!

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Man gives blowjob to 10-inch penis and ends up in ER with ruptured airway

yikes! https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/07/12/10-inch-penis-fellatio-man-emergency/

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“Straight Men Have A Lot of Gay Sex, Study Shows”

here’s the article: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/04/29/gay-sex-love-straight-men-study-shows/

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Porn Jobs For Identical Twin Males!

Are you identical twin males looking for a job in the adult entertainment industry?

AMVC, LLC (amvc.com) would love to work with you and help you build a career, if you’d like.

Simply submit both of your model applications to xxxjobsearch.com and we’ll contact you after that 🙂

Triplets, quadruplets, etc. also desired 🙂

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Where is the porn industry?

Not talking about freebie sites, but rather porn production companies. Porn companies have all but gone away. It’s sad, really. Perhaps piracy will come with a severe punishment to deter it?

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Want A Job In Porn?

Try XXXJobSearch.com!

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Virtual Reality Porn (Cumming Soon?)

We’ve been producing porn videos for over 20 years and are looking forward how to bringing you “Virtual Reality Porn” as soon as we figure it out at AMVC.com 🙂 Will there be (affordable) cameras for this? If so, we’re on it!

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How They Make A Sex Doll

Story is here.


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Bisexuality On The Rise (CNN)


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Our Pick For “Best Porn Site” For 2018!

They won. Hands down (and up, then down, then… 🙂


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Amateur Gay Porn DVD’s Are BACK!

Amateur gay porn DVD lovers shouted…and we listened.


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