Your Own Free Sex Blog

Just an FYI for those who might care or be interested: I am working on a blog hosting script that will allow anyone to create their own sex blog. We’ll be offering this basic service for free (with our ads on the blog, limited storage, and absolutely no tech support, but it’s very user-friendly so that shouldn’t be a problem considering this is free 🙂 We’ll probably offer a paid upgrade for those who want more…but the free package should suffice for most everyone.

You’ll be able to sign up and start posting your own blog entries within a minute or so and everything is very “step-by-step” so even a newbie can figure it out 🙂 We will also ask the producers to start their own sex blog to keep their porn fans updated on their videos, insider secrets, new releases, etc.

I’m about half done. When it’s ready, I’ll start having friends test it out to help us find any bugs I may have missed. When those are squashed, then we’ll announce here and on all of‘s websites…so bookmark us and check back often!

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