The Owner Of This Porn Blog On TV :)

I'm curious how many people watched TechTv's show "Unscrewed" when it was on.  The flew me to San Francisco to do the show.  Very cool experience and huge exposure for! 🙂

More info here:


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(Not porn related) PLEASE Don’t Leave Your Pet In A Hot Car!

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“Boys Beware” Anti-Gay Propaganda

Anti-gay Video

Anti-gay Video

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i was porn in the usa (part one)

pornographer on a segway 

yes, i own a porn company.

during my journeys, this discovery gets a medley of reactions.  while most are intrigued, some become bambi in headlights and excuse themselves from my presence.  the intrigued ones typically start emerging themselves into a barrage of questions about my work.  everyone pretty much asks all the same questions and i don’t mind answering them as long as i’m in the mood to do it, since it never turns out to be a short conversation and i don’t always have the time or energy.  when i do field questions, they’re usually surprised at how boring some of it really is.  i mean, it’s work…accounting, paperwork (lots and lots of paperwork), employees, contract labor, laws that seem to change daily, visits from law enforcement, expensive attorneys, right wing attacks, countless hours in front of an editing machine, and so much more.  of course, in between all of that, there are nude people in front of me having sex….but most seem to tune out until i get to that part 🙂

i was extremely fortunate to have gotten on the web when there weren’t very many of us on it yet.  this gave me an edge over the masses, especially when i met the owner of an adult video company who told me that i could make money by sending people to his site.  in the days before (what we now call) spam, this was simple.  horny guys who saw my affiliate link clicked on it, bought porn, and then the company sent me a check once a month.  my first check from them for only half a month was about $3000.00.  i was in shock and just knew it was going to bounce, but it cleared without issue.  each month, the checks got bigger.  now you have to understand something here…i had never seen that amount of money in my life.  not in such a short amount of time for doing very little work (i.e. sitting at a computer) and i was hooked.  i kept teaching myself web design and eventually began learning how to do simple scripts, which increased my affiliate link’s exposure and my impatience for that big check in the mail.

but…what goes up must come down.  sort of.

suddenly more and more people were jumping on board the “information superhighway”, which caused others like me to begin their own porn affiliate venture.  this was the beginning of the onslaught of which we’re all now aware.  porn had saturated the web and countless thousands wanted their piece of the proverbial porn pie.

these bastards (teehee) started nipping at my income like a rabbid squirrel on his last nut and i had to do something.  fast.

i looked at every angle inside and outside the box.  analyzing, overanalyzing, beating dead horses, etc., until i decided that the company i was pimping traffic for had something i didn’t.  content.  i would soon discover that i needed that too.

during all of this, i got a part-time job at an adult video store to see if i could get any insider information, but the owner kept everything secret.  all i could do was observe what was selling on my shifts.

while sitting behind the counter one night, i began to notice how intimidated most people were to buy porn (especially if it was something like transsexual videos) and how seemingly embarassed they were to bring it up to the counter to pay for it.  i remember thinking that there had to be some way for me to put the porn on my website and then let them just order it through the mail from me.  i just figured that they could mail me an order form and a check or money order and then i’d buy the video for them and discreetly mail it to them (credit card processing didn’t exist back then for the average joe).

this revelation (almost an epiphany) spawned what was to become the caveat to where i am today.  but wait, is it really that easy to sell or make porn?  i mean, there was certainly nobody to ask how to do this…no “how to make and sell porn for dummies” book, nothing in the library.  just me, my instincts, my analytical skills, and my creativity.

i received zero support from the friends i told, except one (thanks jo ann!)  she loaned me some start up money (about a thousand dollars i think).  since i spent all my money i was earning and had nothing to show for it, i couldn’t afford this new endeavor.  she believed in me and that i could build something massive and loaned me the money without question or a time-frame to pay her back.  although i had a good idea what my next steps would be, i certainly had no clue how long it would take to make a profit and pay her back.  she new and understood this, so that pressure was off my shoulders.

after exhausting my brain trying to process how one would go about shooting a porn video (remember…porn videos were just these things with no origin that sat on the shelves at adult bookstores), i decided it was finally time to stop thinking and start shooting, knowing that some trial and error would do me good.  i’m the type who definitely learns from his mistakes and fortunes, so a porn shootin’ i went!

continued in part two

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Larry Flynt’s My Hero

larry flynt

Pictured here is my copy of “Sex, Lies, & Politics – The Naked Truth“, written by Larry Flynt. I bought it directly from him and had him sign it, while he was here giving a speech about his book, new porn laws, and fielded numerous questions (he’s a very smart, funny and clever guy, for those who’ve never heard him speak publicly).

I say he’s my “hero” because of his long and painful battle in life and the courts to ensure that our Freedom of Speech was not taken away. If you’re not familiar with his story, you absolutely must watch the DVD, “The People vs. Larry Flynt“. If it wasn’t for him, porn would not be accessible like it is today.

In addition to everything else, his website is a great read as well.

When I approached him to sign the book, I felt very odd. I mean…here was this powerful person with an unprecedented history in the industry sitting within arm’s reach, and all I could do was hand him my book to sign and then fumble out something stupid like “Thanks for everything, man.” As the owner of an adult entertainment company, you’d think I’d be pretty numb to something that most would consider insipid (I certainly wouldn’t be in awe of any porn star), but with some similarities between us it must have hit home a bit.

By similarities, I mean that we both grew up in the harshest of the white trash South, came from nothing, found our calling in porn, and became successful (me only a little compared to him, of course). Regardless…I shook his hand, thanked him, and moved out of the way for the long line of people behind me to swarm in on him. Regardless of my groupie-like behavior, I’m happy I did it and hope that one day I get a set of balls as big as his.
larry flynt signed

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Eavesdropping Found Unconstitutional

A federal judge today ruled that the U.S. government’s domestic eavesdropping program is unconstitutional and ordered it ended immediately.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said the Bush Administration disagrees with the ruling and has appealed.

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Are You A Horny, Smoking, Fat Ass?

I am sometimes, but thanks to CNN and the American Council on Exercise…. I’m going to fix it! Click Here to see what I’m talking about.

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Our Porn Commercial :)

I was bored one day and edited together some old footage. Pretty funny. Click Here to see the guy version our amateur porn video commmercial (it’s about 4 minutes).

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Inside Deep Throat

I watched the documentary “Inside Deep Throat” last night and am recommending it to our readers. For those of you too young to remember this blockbuster, the film “Deep Throat” was about a woman named Linda LoveLace who had a dilemma to solve….her clitoris was in her throat.

Inside Deep Throat” documents the emergence of porn into mainstream society. When the video, “Deep Throat”, the first “big picture” porn video launched at a movie theatre open to the general public, it (and porn) became the primary focus of government and churche’s crusade to shut it all down and arrest everyone. Porn was being grouped with communism in special reports, while celebrities like Jack Nicholson (and every big name in society) lined up for miles to see the film.

There are amazing similarities of the government and religious right’s pursuit to shut down porn yesteryear and their continued attempts today. One FBI agent who was interviewed laughingly said, when asked about today’s focus on pornography by the FBI, “I guess this means we won the war on terror”.

I watched the NC17-rated video on DVD, so I don’t know how it compares to the R-rated version. My version had tons of special features that were definitely worth the watch (and were sometimes better than what they chose to include in the actual film).

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Your Own Free Sex Blog

Just an FYI for those who might care or be interested: I am working on a blog hosting script that will allow anyone to create their own sex blog. We’ll be offering this basic service for free (with our ads on the blog, limited storage, and absolutely no tech support, but it’s very user-friendly so that shouldn’t be a problem considering this is free 🙂 We’ll probably offer a paid upgrade for those who want more…but the free package should suffice for most everyone.

You’ll be able to sign up and start posting your own blog entries within a minute or so and everything is very “step-by-step” so even a newbie can figure it out 🙂 We will also ask the producers to start their own sex blog to keep their porn fans updated on their videos, insider secrets, new releases, etc.

I’m about half done. When it’s ready, I’ll start having friends test it out to help us find any bugs I may have missed. When those are squashed, then we’ll announce here and on all of‘s websites…so bookmark us and check back often!

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